Department of Economic Geography

The Department of Economic Geography was established in December 2012 as a subject department at Cooperative University (Thanlyin), which was upgraded from a Cooperative Degree College to a University level.    

At the time of its formation, there were two associate professors and three demonstrators in the Department of Economic Geography. In 2016, it was upgraded with one professor, one associate professor, one lecturer, two assistant lecturers and three demonstrators.

At present, the Department of Economic Geography is formed with two lecturers, one assistance lecturer, three demonstrators and one junior clerk. The subjects taught are Introduction to Geography in the first year, Geopolitics and Geo-economics in the third year, Geographic Information System in the fourth year, and Geospatial Analysis in the first year of Masters (M1 RD).

Department of Economic Geography

- To widely comprehend Economic Geography, Political Geography and Geospatial Analysis related to Geography.

- To be able to apply the learned knowledge in practical economic field.

- To raise the qualified Economic Geographers.

- To achieve the success in economic field by applying the economic concepts.