Department of Law

The Department of Law was founded at the time of upgrading the Yangon Co-operative Regional College as the Yangon Co-operative Degree College. The Department of law is one of the minor departments and affiliated with the Department of Law from Yangon University. Previously, the Department of Law had to teach only the subject of Commercial Law for B.A (Business Science).

After upgrading University, all the major subjects were specialized from 2014-2015 Academic Year, the Department of Law had to teach the subject of Business Law for B.BSc (Business Science) and the subject of Land Law for Master Course of Regional Development.

For the time being, the department of Law is being run with a total teaching staff of six: one professor (Head of the Department), two lecturers, two assistant lecturers and one tutor. Currently, the Department of Law not only offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses as supporting subject but also provides Business Law Free Online Course (CBL) to the general public as part of a human resource development programme.

Department of Law

To be proficient in the fields of business Laws and resolve business issues in accordance with Law.

- To understand the procedures of business Law.

- To realize how to resolve business problems in accordance with law.