Department of Myanmar

The department of Myanmar is located in the downstairs of Ottaya Estate in University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin. Previously, the Department of Myanmar was included under the Department of Languages at the time of Yangon Co-operative Regional College. When Yangon Co-operative Regional College was upgraded to Yangon Co-operative Degree College, the department of Myanmar has stood separately.

At the time, the department of Myanmar is one of the  minor department and  affiliated with the department of Myanmar from Yangon University and had to Myanmar Language and Literature when Yangon Co-operative Degree College was upgraded to Co-operative University, Thanlyin , the department of Myanmar , as a supporting  department , offers the foundation course on Myanmar to students who are specializing in respective fields like all subjects in first year course Myanmar Language and Literature and Aspects of Myanmar since 1994 . Dr. Aye Aye Maw is the Head of the Department. We have the following academic staff in our

•    Professor -1
•    Associate  Professor - 2
•    Lecture - 2
•    Assistant Lecture - 1
•    Tutor - 1  

We lecture the following 3 courses to students who are from first year students.                                         
•     မ ၁၀၀၁ မြန်မာစာ
•     မ ၁၀၀၂  မြန်မာစာ
•     AM 1002 Aspects of  Myanmar

Department of Myanmar

It has become an education system creating a lifelong learning society that can meet the challenges of the knowledge age.

1.    To cherish and preserve the value of good literature and Myanmar cultural heritage.
2.    To realize the importance of written homily in Myanmar literature and adhere to it.
3.    To innovate the culture that is in line with the culture and custom of Myanmar Land and Myanmar People.
4.    To be able to operate the functions more conveniently by applying Myanmar language correctly and precisely in workplace.
5.    To love our country and our people to collaborate on social activities and to be able to do the work irreproachably.
6.    To love and value Myanmar literature and Myanmar language however changed the correlation between the countries in the world is.