Dr. Ohn Mar San

Head of Department


Ph.D in Knowledge Science from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2004)

M.Sc in Mathematics from Mandalay University (1999)

B.Sc(Hons) in Mathematics from Mandalay University(1996)

Research Background : Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Professional Experience

1991-1998 : Township Co-operative Department,Chaung Oo, Lower Divisional Clerk

1998-2000 : Co-operative College, Sagaing, Tutor

2000-2004 : Co-operative College, Sagaing, Senior  Tutor

2004-2007 : Co-operative College, Sagaing, Assistant Lecturer

2007-2010 : Co-operative College, Sagaing, Lecturer

2010-2012 : Yangon Co-operative Degree College, Associate Professor

2012-Up to Now: University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin, Professor

conference Activities and Talks : 13th Soft Science Workshop, Tokyo, Japan (2003) International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligence Systems, Tsukuba, Japan (2010)

Research Paper Reading Ceremony in Commemoration of the First Anniversary of  Co-operative University, Thanlyin (2014)

Publications :

Ohn Mar San, V.Huynh and Y.Nakamori (2003)  " A Clustering Algorithm for Mixed Numeric and   Categorical Data", Journal of System Science and    Complexity, Vol.16, No.4, pp. 562-571.

Ohn Mar San, V.Huynh and Y.Nakamori (2003)" A k-Means Like Algorithm for Clustering Categorical Data",  Proceedings of the 10th International Fuzzy Systems Associations (IFSA) World Congress, pp.203-207, Istanbul, Turkey.

Ohn Mar San, V.Huynh and Y.Nakamori (2003) " A k-Prototypes Algorithm for Clustering Mixed Numeric and Categorical Data" , Proceedings of the 13th Soft Science Workshop, pp.75-78, Tokyo,  Japan.

Ohn Mar San, V.Huynh and Y.Nakamori (2003)" An Alternative Extension of the k-Means Algorithm for Clustering Categorical Data", International Journal of Applied Maths and Computer Science, Vol.14, No.2, pp.241-247.

Ohn Mar San, V.Huynh and Y.Nakamori (2010)  " A Fuzzy k-Means Version for Clustering  Categorical Data",  Proceedings of the International  Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligence  Systems, Tsukuba, Japan.

Ohn Mar San (2014) " A study on Algorithm for Fuzzy Clustering of Categorcal Data using Fuzzy Centroids" , Research Journal of Co-operative  University, Thanlyin, pp. 187-198.

Teaching Experience

Mathematics, Statistics, Co-operative studies, Fundamentals of ICT, Computerized Managerial Decision Modeling