Background History

1. University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin is located in Nyaung Thone Bin Village, Thanlyin, South District of Yangon, within 8 miles from the South-eastern part of Yangon, at the East of Thanlyin-Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Road and it lies at the eastern side of Yangon-Thilawa Railway and at the North of East Yangon University. Total area of University of Co-operative and Management is 208.209 acres.

2. Co-operative Training School was first established in 1970 in Mayangone Township, Chawtwingone, Yangon. Next it was moved to Thanlyin-Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Road, Thanlyin. Yangon Division.  Yangon Co-operative Training School and Bago Co-operative Training School were collaborated at one place at the location of  Central Co-operative Training School, Phaunggyi,  in Hlegu Township.

3. Yangon Co-operative Training School was upgraded to Yangon Regional College on 21-6-1994 according to Notification Number (10/94) dated 19-5-1994 issued by the Government of the Union of Myanmar.  

4. The college was upgraded and renamed as Yangon Co-operative Degree College according to Notification Number (17/96) dated on 11-11-1996 of the Government of the Union of Myanmar. It was affiliated with Yangon University to confer B.A (Business Science) of 3-year undergraduate course up to 2009-2010 Academic Year and Business Science (B.BSc) was conferred starting from 2010-2011 Academic Year.

5. It was upgraded to Co-operative University, Thanlyin, according to Notification Number (29/2012) issued by the Ministry Office on 21st June 2012 as the agreement of the meeting (20/2012) held by the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar on 31st May 2012. After upgrading as a university, the majoring subjects such as Accounting and Finance, Applied Statistics, Marketing Management, Regional Development and Social Enterprise Management were specialized from 2014- 2015 Academic Year and B.BSc (Business Science) undergraduate degree on those subjects started to be conferred from November 2018 by the end of 2017- 2018 Academic Year. The Post Graduate Diploma  Courses of the five specializations have been launched since 2014-2015 Academic Year and the Diploma Degrees have been being conferred. The Master Courses for those respective specializations started from 2015-2016 Academic Year and the Master Degrees have been being conferred from 2017-2018 Academic year.

6. Co-operative University, Thanlyin was renamed to University of             Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin according to Notification Number 1/1/29/tha ma kyae lat(1216/2021) issued by the Ministry of Co-operative and Rural Development on 19th  November 2021 and Notification Number                ote chote mhu (phawe see pone)/2021(9628) issued by the Ministry of Education on 5th November 2021.