University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin
Academic Affairs Department

(1) Student Information
    University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin has signed MOUs with six local and foreign organizations. Through learning processes and research, our university strives to be a community-supported university that produces innovative, intellectual, and quailed human resources. University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin sent three students from third year to study three-year degree courses in the Yangahc Polytechnic Institute, the People’s Republic of China and they got an Associate Bachelor Degree in Electronic Commerce. In addition, our University has linked with international universities and organizations to create good educational opportunities and to become talented and educated youths. We can send eight students to Malaysia, Scotland, Portugal, Spain and Singapore for the projects of paper presentation, mobility study visit and the ICAEW Southeast Asia Business Challenge. As a university, we became a member of AUN-QA Associate and SEAMEO Schools’ Network in 2020 regarding Quality Assurance System.

(2) Examination Schedule
    There are two semesters in per Academic Year and the duration is four months in each semester. The first semester exams will be held in March and the second semester happens in September. Rules and Regulations of the Exams are as follows:
(a)    Learners are allowed to keep terms for the giving semester if he or she fulfills at least (75%) of the attendance, and he or she will be assigned as 1F (a failing grade) for that academic year;
(b)    21days can be allowed for the leave for the whole academic year if he or she submits a valid medical certificate.
(c)    If any attempts is made to commit fraud and use fraudulent ways in the examination, effective action shall be taken in accordance with the prescribed examination rules.

(3) Examination Results
Examination Results for each year are announced in November.

(4) Admission Outline
Our University advertises in newspapers for university admission and students can directly apply for their admission. Applicants must have passed the matriculation examination in any subjects. Students will be selected based on their scores out of applicants depending on the capacity of our university. Those who have successfully completed the second year diploma course from Co-operative Colleges and Lacquerware Technology College (Bagan) are eligible to join and attend the third year course at the University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin depending on their specializations. Admitted applicants must take their original transcripts at the time of enrollment. To ensure that students are not harmed it is necessary to apply to other universities if they are not selected to attend this university. In the enrollment, the applicants and his or her parents must hold a national identity card or citizenship verification card (Naing)/ (Do)/ (Guest).

(5) Admission Policy
    University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin has formed a University Admission Selection Board and the eligible applicants will be selected in accordance with the matriculation examination marks, the capacity of lecture rooms and the teaching resources under the decision of the Board.

(6) Application Guide
    University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin is an institution and advertises in New Light of Myanmar and The Mirror and students can directly apply for their admission. Application forms for admission can be bought in August and September annually, the sales period is one month and it can be bought at Co-operative Departments and Universities under Ministry of Co-operatives and Rural Development.      

(7) Student Life    
    In University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin, there has a student dormitory namely Myathitsar Hostel where up to 60 students can live and we are submitting and making requests for expanding further dormitory in every fiscal year. Student can also learn vocational and innovative trainings such as sewing course, soap marking course, Arabesque Handmade bags, and plastic basket marking course and Paper Art course as extra curriculum during their learning period. Moreover, internship and Job fair are yearly held by inviting external private organization, City Marts, Banks and other companies to get job opportunities for our graduates.

(8) Committees and Societies
    The committees and Societies organized by University of Co-operative and Management, Thanlyin are as follows:
(1)    Sport and Physical Education Committee
(2)    Literature and Culture Committee
(3)    Magazine Committee
(4)    University Red Cross Society
(5)    University Buddhist Association
(6)    Government Employees Co-operative Society
(7)    Saving and Loan Association
(8)    e-Government Implementation Committee

(9) 4-year Undergraduate Courses
(1)    B.BSc (Accounting and Finance)
(2)    B.BSc (Applied Statistics)
(3)    B.BSc (Marketing Management)
(4)    B.BSc (Regional Development)
(5)    B.BSc (Social Enterprise Management)

(10) 1-yer Post Graduate Courses
(1)     Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance (PGDAF)
(2)     Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics (PGDAS)
(3)     Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM)
(4)     Post Graduate Diploma in Regional Development (PGDRD)
(5)     Post Graduate Diploma in Social Enterprise Management (PGDSEM)

(11) 2-year Master Courses
(1)     Master of Accounting and Finance (MAF)
(2)     Master of Applied Statistics (MAS)
(3)     Master of Marketing Management (MMM)
(4)     Master of Regional Development (MRD)
(5)     Master of Social Enterprise Management (MSEM)