• Vol_4_No_1_2020

Title : Exploring the Widely Used Subjects by Marketing Professionals among WISE College Students

Keywords : Principles of Marketing, Brand Management, Service Marketing, Sale and Distribution Management, Customer Relationship Management, Retail Management, Marketing Communications, Marketing Research, Pricing Strategies, Consumer Behavior

Authors : Thinzar Nwe

Publication Date : 2020-08-01

Description : The marketing management major at Co-operative University, Thanlyin plays a vital role in promoting the skills of marketing professionals. This research is to understand the needs, wants and interest of marketers. The objective of the study is to explore the useful subject of marketing professionals among WISE College Students. The primary data are taken with survey method that is collected by using semi-open questions and multiple choice questions. The 80% respondents are collected by using descriptive statistics with simple random sampling, and questionnaires are distributed to marketing professional among WISE College students. In this research, the subjects delivered by marketing management major at Co-operative University are comprehensive for marketing professionals according to the data. All of the respondents want to study Digital Marketing, and moreover, they want this subject to add as Bachelor Degree of Marketing Management Major. Because of the difficulties in studying pricing strategy in private universities, it is needed to add this subject as a human resource development program, if there can be sufficient resources in the department. In analyzing the data, marketing management major students have got great opportunities for work and they are in touch with marketing workplace areas as these subjects offered by marketing management major are complete.

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